Supporting Your Success Through

Monthly Members

Your main benefits of participation in NTAREI
as a Monthly Member include opportunities for –

  • NETWORKING with other local investors and landlords – to access resources and ideas through networking with other local investors and landlords.
  • NETWORKING with the vendors, suppliers and other professionals who serve the local investor community – to access their help and services.
  • Accessing the educational programs, and other resources, which NTAREI provides.
  • Helping to support and promote true professionalism in the investor industry.
  • Gaining motivation and reinforcement of your positive attitude toward investing by associating with other active, successful investors.

Annual Membership is not required to participate in NTAREI. Non-Annual Members (Monthly Members and Visitors) are always welcome and encouraged to attend all Monthly General Meetings and most other events. There is an admission fee for non-Annual Members to attend the Monthly General Meeting (usually $20 per person per meeting).